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No Highway (available 8th December )

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Theodore Honey, a ‘boffin’ with the Research Structural Department of the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough, England, develops a theory that the latest British airliner, the ‘Reindeer’ will crack up due to metal stress, after running approximately 1,400 hours.
This radio suspense drama is based on the popular novel by Neville Shute, who himself was a pioneer aircraft designer and co-founder of the aircraft construction company Airspeed Ltd.
52 x 12 minute episodes

Dual Purpose Drama Library – Vol 1 (available now)

As the title of the show implies this series presented different ways of broadcasting – some stations broadcast one segment per day on a Monday to Friday basis, whereas other stations played all 5 episodes on one day as a complete hour-long story.
The stories are all originals written by top radio writers and include romance, mystery, suspense and comedy. The cast and crew enjoyed creating such a variety of entertainment.
Each story is completed in 5 segments and there are eight stories on this volume.

Whispering Streets – Vol 1 (available 17th December)

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Whispering Streets – Volume 1
Whispering Streets is a series of human interest stories, each a self-contained episode with a permanent character who introduces each story – Hope Winslow.
Adapted from US scripts for Australian audiences, Lyndal Barbour stars as Hope Winslow. 65 x 12 minute episodes

Night Beat - Vol 11 (available now)

Perhaps the most popular series of its genre, Night Beat is the story behind the stories in a newspaper column, and the man who writes them – Randy Stone.
Night Beat – that’s where Randy gets his stories; the grim ones, the strange ones, and the gentle ones. Enjoy hearing Randy open each adventure wit his classic words: “Hi there, this is Randy Stone: I cover the Night Beat for The Daily”
15 x 24 minute self-contained episodes

It’s a Cactus bonanza…

King Bonza’s Lost Years


A long time ago (the 1980s) in a land not so far away, a little king came to power in the sub-tropical paradise known as Cactus Island.
Our audio memories commence in the year before King Bonza came to power and trace the happenings in his kingdom through much of the 80s. There are 6 shows in all, all recorded ‘live’.

Classic Cactus: The Best of 2021

(available 3rd December )

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In 2021 some 260 episodes of Classic Cactus were broadcast by radio stations across Australia.
Here are the best 100 of these: the crème-de-la-crème of Aussie political satire starring the amazing voice talents of Keith Scott and Robyn Moore. Writer Doug Edwards has made this selection of his 100 top tracks. Put your laughing gear on!
100 tracks $35.00

Classic Cactus: Buy The Month November 2021

November kicks off with a certain Brown Horse joining the field at the Melbourne Cup, the Cactus Library of True Romance sees a certain media mogul applying his charm to ex-PM Tony Abs, Schoolies gets the treatment, and the Climate Conference is the focus of the international stage: just some of the fun in our latest release of Cactus: Buy The Month which features all tracks broadcast on radio in November 2021. 22 episodes - download only.
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The ‘Best of Cactus’ complete package (1999-2021)

With the inclusion of Classic Cactus: The Best of 2021, this series now has around 2100 tracks, and still costs just $350.00! These 21 volumes would normally cost $35.00 each, making this package incredible value...and a sensational Christmas gift for those who ‘enjoy a laugh’.


Our focus at Christmas is usually on ‘home’, hence our specials for December are ‘home-based’, ie dramas set in Australia. Get any of these titles for just $27.00 each from now until 31st December 2021.

The Far Country
I, Christopher Macaulay
I Know My Love
The Legend Of Kathie Warren
The Priestman File
The Red Gardenia
Sara Dane
Strange Homecoming
This Time Forever
Time Is The Catcher
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And, don’t forget you can buy the entire series of The Castlereagh Line for just $420.00, a saving of $70.00 (you effectively get 2 volumes free).

Here’s a hint of what’s coming soon…

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Along with more volumes of Whispering Streets, Spiral Ten, Night Beat, Hunt The Man Down, and Dual Purpose Drama Library
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