Christmas has arrived early – we have lots of new titles, heaps of bargain offers and a hint of what the future holds. Read on to find out more…

The Knave Of Hearts - available 1 December

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Mr Timothy Pimm spends his time exploiting wealthy families by arranging marriages between their daughters and destitute aristocrats.
Written by Lindsay Hardy, this satirical series was a departure from his usual mysteries, and stars Guy Doleman, John Bushelle, and Dinah Shearing – as part of with a very talented cast.
104 x 15 mins. $45.00

Classic Cactus: The Best of 2020 – available 1 December

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Sco-Mo, Donald Dump, Albo, Bill Curly, Malcolm Talkbull, Tony Abs, The Bogans, Pauline Hatful, Queen Bessie, James Bond, the list goes on…it’s more a case of who hasn’t featured in Cactus in 2020!
Always a favourite with fans, it also makes a great gift. Please note all tracks included herein have been broadcast in previous years, but form part of the series aired on radio throughout 2020.
100 tracks - $35.00

Classic Cactus: Buy The Month November 2020 – available 1 December

We don’t think there could ever be too much Cactus, particularly with the year this one’s been! And given the events of the past month, these episodes broadcast during November have brought a touch
of ‘sanity’ to the world - although one of our favourites is the totally insane Hollywood Melbourne Cup!
21 episodes – download only. $12.00

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Starlight Theatre – Vol 6 – available now

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Starlight Theatre provides a broad range of genres – from mystery and romance, to comedy and suspense.
Produced from scripts written by leading overseas writers, particular attention was given to adapting these stories to Australian conditions.
15 x 24 minute self-contained episodes. $35.00 December 2020

Grace Gibson Radio Classics – Dramas & Serials Vol 3 – available now

Our latest addition to the Grace Gibson Radio Classics series – always popular, and a great stocking filler too.
Instead of six different shows, we’ve selected an eight episode complete story from the Digest of Drama, along with single episodes of City Hospital and The Clock. (Please note: track lists for all our Grace Gibson Radio Classics releases can be viewed on our website.)
Approx 3 hours of listening. $20.00

The Letter From Spain – available 15 December

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Allan Lambert receives a letter from a mysterious prisoner in Spain promising him a substantial share in a large fortune if he pays a fine to recover a suitcase containing some critical documents.
Intrigued, and hungry for his slice of the money he goes to Spain where the consequent risks he takes see him involved in a dangerous chain of fraud, which just may threaten his life.
52 x 12 minute episodes. $40.00

Fun Titles That May Have Escaped Your Attention

Looking for something to lighten things up a bit? Here are a few options from our comedy line-up:
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Keith Scott Sings 21st Century Blues and Keith Scott’s Voices In My Head ($25.00 each)
Letters To Santa ($10.00)
Chuck Chunder ($35.00 per volume or $85.00 for the set)
Kevin Trump: Private Detective ($35.00)

December Specials = Bargains Galore

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Since this is definitely NOT the year for last minute Christmas shopping, we’re introducing our December specials early, as in effective from 23rd November. And, given the November specials will still be on offer until 30th November there really are lots of options for bargain shopping! These December Specials are $30.00 each.
Exciting Lives (per volume)
Night Beat (per volume)
Hunt The Man Down (per volume)
Address Unknown (per volume)
Verdict (per volume)
Indictment (per volume)
The Big Fisherman

Package Deals – Buy in bulk and save more

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Adventures of Major Gregory Keen - $180.00, save $45.00
The Castlereagh Line - $420.00, save $70.00
The Best of Cactus Package – $350.00 same price, but now 21 volumes Early Cactus Collection - $80.00, giving you 5 volumes for the price of 4
The Passing Parade Collection - $750.00, save $160.00
Yes, What? - $420.00, save $50.00
Chuck Chunder Of The Space Patrol - $85.00, save $20.00
Chickenman - $140.00, save $35.00
The Tooth Fairy - $85.00, save $20.00
Portia Manning Series - $150.00, save $35.00
The Catherine Gaskin Collection - $100.00, save $35.00
The Religious Bundle - $90.00, save $45.00
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