Mum’s the word for May – well, in some quarters anyway...

We hope our May specials and new releases will appeal to everyone, including Mums!

The Witches Tale

There have been a number of requests for this one – we love it and hope you do too. A radio horror series from the early 1940s featuring weird, blood chilling tales of the supernatural, as told by ‘Old Nancy’
the witch of Salem and ‘Satan’ her wise black cat. Adapted from US scripts for Australian audiences and stars Nellie Lamport, with Queenie Ashton providing the vocal sound effects for Satan the cat!
15 x 24 minute self-contained episodes $35.00

Address Unknown - Volume 5

It’s been a while since the last volume and we’re aware some people have been very patiently waiting for this one… When people disappear nobody knows just where they will turn up, and there is virtually no place on Earth which has not at some time or other been combed by the agents of the Missing Persons Bureau. Narrator,
Henry Simon, tells the stories of people whose records are kept in the (fictitious) Missing Persons Bureau in London.
15 x 24 self-contained stories $35.00

Cactus: Buy The Month April 2020

Circumstances of late have really made everyone appreciate a good laugh, and these Classic Cactus episodes certainly don’t disappoint.
22 very enjoyable episodes! Download only
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Marvellous May specials

Marvellous May specials aimed at providing listening pleasure and distraction from
COVID-19 reality…and all discounted to $30.00 for this month only. They’re
different genres, different durations - and all very entertaining stories.
The Amazing Mr Malone – a quirky investigator
The Bishop’s Mantle – the romantic challenge of loving a rector
The Nylon Trap – the nymph in nylon who wouldn’t let go
The Red Gardenia – a virus designed to halt primary production
The Shame Of Sefton Ridge – scruples don’t matter to these people
Tomorrow Is Mine – truth has to dawn for this mother and daughter

And don’t forget our new USB (flash drive) package deals. Great for periods of isolation
and long trips – just plug in and play the USB. So easy and convenient to have whole
series/collections on just one small USB drive.
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