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Random Winners for Mothers Day

Each day from 1st to 10th May 2019 (inclusive) we’ll be randomly selecting one order to receive a $50.00 Gift Voucher. If you receive a gift voucher in your order you will need to contact us to use it as our website cannot currently accept vouchers. Happy shopping – and good luck!.

The Nylon Trap

A nymph in nylon – that’s Carla Crane – one of the most improbably beautiful
girls Jeff Marchant had ever seen. A successful playwright, Jeff had the
perfect marriage to an intelligent, attractive lady – then he met Carla and
found himself caught in a nylon trap…
104 x 12 minute episodes $45.00
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Hunt The Man Down Vol 6

Hunt The Man Down (Volume 6)
A new addition to this very popular series. Private Investigator Dick Mallory is
a man of the world who lives for full-blooded excitement and the intense thrill
of the chase. He wages a relentless war against those who live in the shadows
of life. 15 x 24 minute episodes $35.00
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Cactus: Buy The Month (April)

22 episodes covering all the episodes broadcast during the month of April
– including a couple of real classics. Enjoy some absolute gems in this lot!
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Some magical May specials that ‘may’ also appeal for late Mothers Day shoppers…

Screenshot 2019-05-02 13.52.23
Grace Gibson Radio Classics (Dramas & Serials Vols 1 & 2) – buy both volumes for $30.00
A Judgement For Julia – a mother’s fight to keep her child $40.00
Remember Vida Lorne – a woman’s fascination with a dead actress $35.00
The House Of Gold – an inheritance saga that turns deadly $40.00

Fun, Fact, Frivolous or Fiction…

This month focussing on the role of mother - the good one, the bad one, and particularly, the working one. ‘The Mother’ has always been a strong character role in radio serials…following are 10 from our collection:
1. Lottie Long in The Castlereagh Line. An all-time favourite character, Lottie combines running a very successful hotel business with raising a son and a stepson.
2. Portia Manning from the Portia Faces Life series. An intelligent, charming lawyer whose son grows up during the series to eventually become her off-sider of sorts.
3. Jane Worthington in Give Me No Pity. When her husband disappears, her son needs urgent medical treatment and she is ‘ripped off’ by her workplace, it’s a case of getting tougher and creating her own successful business.
4. A Judgement For Julia. A controlling grandmother tries to take Julia’s child now that her own son (and Julia’s husband) is dead. Julia works (and works hard) to prove her ability to provide for her son.
5. Marguerite and Maryanne in Green Dolphin Country. One sister combines motherhood and
taking the reins of the family income in colonial New Zealand, whilst the other one becomes a
Mother Superior in the Channel Islands.
6. Amalie in This Side of Innocence. Amalie doesn’t have a ‘day-job’ as such, however she works very hard for the family she’s married into, the local community and her offspring. However, did she marry the wrong brother?
7. Sara Dane – a classic story. Sara arrives as a convict girl in Australia and through fierce
determination becomes a successful businesswoman, travelling between England and Australia, whilst also being devoted to her children.
8. Rose and Emma in I Know My Love. Friends and rivals – one the nurturer; one the pleasure seeker. In love, in the affections of the children and in family situations each uses the other.
9. Margaret Edgemore in Close To My Heart. A woman who is self-reliant, talented, beautiful
and charming. The real story is her past and what happened to her husband and son.
10. Jason’s Clay’s women in Clayton Place. Jason uses women as pawns to achieve success, but it’s the women in his life who bring about his downfall, particularly when trying to protect the future and welfare of their offspring.

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