Relieve the stress of Christmas and have a giggle with Letters To Santa for just $10.00.

Early Cactus – covers the beginnings of How Green Was My Cactus and King Bonza’s four terms in office, including the 1988 Bicentenary. $18.00 each, although you could make it a ‘team effort’ and buy all six for just $75.00.

Grace Gibson Radio ClassicsAssorted Collection, Crime & Mystery or Dramas & Serials – a variety to choose from. Great
gift idea for people who want a taste of their favourite shows, without having to commit to the whole series. Just $20.00 each – click on the ‘Listen’ tab and get an idea of what’s in each release.
For something a little different there’s Mostly Ghostly and Strange Endings – each of which is $20.00. Perhaps a book or two at just $20.00 each – A Theatre In My Mind; Yes, Miss Gibson, or Yes, What?.

Nudging the budget up a bit to $30.00 and under...

The annual releases of How Green Was My Cactus have always been a popular Christmas gift – pick your favourite era...the Hawke years, the Keating years, the Howard years, the Kevin 07 times - and the leadership merry-go-round for both parties that followed? Just $25.00 per year (or refer to the next page for the big package deal) with 100 tracks in each year’s offering.
Then again the inimitable Keith Scott (known as the man of a thousand voices) may be the answer – we are lucky enough to have two of Keith’s CD releases – The Voices in My Head Won’t Stop, and Keith singing 21st Century Blues (which comes with its own song book). $25.00 each.
There’s the true Aussie comedy classic Yes, What?. Each volume has 20 episodes, and they’re $25.00 per volume. A great way to get someone started on their collecting journey! And for a short crime tale there’s Unknown Quantity, whereas All Our Tomorrows is a lighter story – they’re also at a low $25.00
The Passing Parade is another perennial favourite – there are 26 volumes available, each containing 50 separate tales. Each release is $25.00 (or check out the Christmas package deal on the next page).
Also in this genre is Exciting Lives – each 24 minute episode is the dramatised tale of a famous (or sometimes infamous) person - $25.00 per volume (3 volumes currently available)

Maybe a more generous $40.00 and under?

The Castlereagh Line is Grace Gibson Productions’ most popular drama – and with 910 episodes to the series, it’s quite a listening commitment! Available in batches of 65 episodes, most people start with a couple and then build up their collection (often courtesy of gifts received for birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc). $35.00 per volume (or check out the Christmas package deal)

Still on perennial favourites, we have seven volumes of Life With Dexter. So many memories, so many quotable quotes – and still very relatable for so many people. $35.00 per volume.
Prefer to listen to self-contained stories, where the hero/heroine has a different adventure in each episode? Our ‘half hour’ series may be the answer – and there are lots of multi volume ones to choose from, including Address Unknown, Crime Fighters, Dangerous Assignment, Danger Is My Business, For The Defence, Hunt The Man Down, Night Beat, Under Arrest, and Verdict. Just go to the ‘Sample Episodes’ tab on the website to hear sample audio and determine which one/s appeal the most. $35.00 per volume.

There’s also a variety of shorter episode dramas which contain 65 x 6 minute (approx) episodes. Some of these are The Way Of The Cat, Without Shame, My Father’s House, Goodbye Gwynnevere, Heir Apparent, I Killed Grace Random, The Pecking Order, The Priestman File and Forever Is A Long Time. $35.00 each 52 x 12 minute episode dramas are another option – titles such as The Broken Melody, Danger In Paradise, The Strange Life of Deacon Brodie (think Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde), Escape Me Never, Dangerous Lady, Out Of The Dawn, No Rainbow In The Sky and its sequel Beyond The Rainbow, The Far Country, and Green Dolphin Country. $40.00 each.

For something a little ‘other worldly’, there’s The Black Cloud or The Witch’s Tale – each $35.00. There’s also Tempest which is $40.00. And, of course, there are our favourite ‘super heroes’, or ‘spoof heroes’ – Chickenman and The Tooth Fairy. Each volume has 65 episodes costing just $35.00. Alternatively you may wish to consider the entire collection of each – Chickenman Collection is $140.00 (meaning you get 5 volumes for the price of 4), and The Tooth Fairy Collection is $85.00
(a saving of $20.00)

Beyond $50.00?

Some people prefer a ‘long listen’, especially if they do a lot of driving, are commuting, going on a long flight or cruise, recuperating from illness, or just a fan of a particular show.
Shows like Cattleman, The Quiet Stranger, This Time Forever and The Legend Of Kathie Warren (which strongly fit in the Australiana genre) top the list of 208 episodes series. Office Wife, Adopted Son, Thunder In The Straight and Close To My Heart are other additions to this ‘long listen’ category.


31 December 2023

The Castlereagh Line has 910 enthralling episodes – buy the whole series for $350.00 which means you get 4 volumes free – save $70.00 off the usual discounted package price.
Buy Volumes 1 - 10 of Grace Gibson Radio Classics - Crime & Mystery for just $100.00 – save $100.00!
Buy Volumes 1-26 of The Passing Parade for just $400.00 – save $250.00!
Want everything Cactus? We’ve got it – every Cactus release is included in the ‘Best Of Cactus’ package. $350.00 gets you an amazing deal which includes all six Early Cactus releases and all the yearly volumes – 1999 (no 2000), 2001 through to 2021. That’s over two thousand tracks! from the multi-award winning Cactus team. A saving of around $250.00.
For those who prefer a traditional Christian approach, we have the Religious Bundle – Judith (a woman of vengeance in Biblical times), The Robe (what happened to Christ’s robe following his death) and The Big Fisherman (the story of Peter). Individually they’re $45.00 each, or as a ‘package buy’, just $90.00 for the three.
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