Our big news:

Firstly, USB Flash Drives: We are now offering a trifecta of listening options: we’ve added USB Flash Drives as a purchase option. You can now choose between Downloads, CDs, and USB Flash Drives.

We’ve also just launched an updated catalogue – if you’d like a printed copy sent to you, please just let us know. And now for this month’s new products:

The Vulnerable Sex

vulnerable sex
Harriet Lee married young, in the careless rapture of her first true love. Wedded young and lived to regret it for, as our story opens, she has been a deserted wife for thirteen exhausting years, during which she has battled to raise her two children whilst rising to an executive position in the advertising industry.
104 x 12 mins $45.00
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Classic Cactus: Buy The Month August 2020

Definitely some classics in the July broadcast of Classic Cactus, including one of our favourite ‘Bogan’ sketches, along with a nod to ‘God’ Whitlam. 23 very entertaining episodes.
Download only $12.00
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Cactus August

Night Beat – Volume 8

night beat 8
“Hi, This is Randy Stone. I cover the Night Beat for The Daily” – and he’s back with more great stories about the interesting people he meets. Night Beat – that’s where Randy gets his stories: the grim ones, the strange ones, and the gentle ones. In Randy’s words: - “You see plenty of action and take a lot of chances, but it’s worth it for the stories you get and the people you meet”.
15 x 24 min self-contained episodes $35.00
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September Specials

Since it’s the beginning of Spring, we thought we’d go with some ‘colourful’ titles for our specials this month. Just $30.00 each during September.
Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 2.47.23 pm
The House of Gold – around 26 intense hours of listening in this inheritance saga.
The Red Gardenia – around 20 hours of espionage activity on our own doorstep.
Violets Are Blue – around 26 hours of ‘did she/didn’t she’ legal manoeuvring
Green Dolphin Country – over 10 hours of romantic drama and sibling rivalry
The Scarlet Diary – over 20 hours covering the theft of a star’s memoirs
White Coolies – over 20 hours dramatising the heart-wrenching WWII nurse’s life

Want more bargains? Check out our package buys, and keep an eye out for next month’s Newsletter.
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