A new title, a ‘new’ old favourite, and some ‘alarming’ specials – read on for the details

Rebel In White

A gripping series about a dedicated young doctor and his crusade against illness, his relationships with his fellow doctors, his patients and co-workers.
Dr Peter Page is an ‘angry young man’ of medicine who dares to flaunt convention if it will save a patient’s life.
52 x 24 minute self-contained episodes $45.00

Night Beat – Volume 9

“Hi there, it’s Randy Stone from the Night Beat. Join me as I rove the beat getting my stories – the grim ones, the strange ones and the gentle ones. It means I’ve got to be everything from a private detective to a good Samaritan – a fighter too if I want to remain in the mediocre state of health I’m pleased to regard as good.” There’s plenty of action in this fresh volume of stories from the Night Beat.
15 x 24 minute self-contained episodes $35.00

Classic Cactus: Buy The Month April 2021

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Power, money, tall poppies and a bit of sexual innuendo in the halls of government – parliament is the same but Cactus cuts through to the important agenda items, always with amazing humour, courtesy of the great writing of Doug Edwards and the fantastic vocal skills of Keith Scott and Robyn Moore.
21 episodes – download only $12.00
Here’s a hint of what’s on the horizon ... stay tuned for Gabrielle, Woman of Secrets, Digest of Drama and A Place In The Sun, along with more of Hunt The Man Down, Spiral 10, Night Beat and Short Story Library

June Specials

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This month, some stories to keep you awake and entertained on long winter nights...

The Uninvited
Have you heard them, those fearful sounds and
voices in the night? .... $30.00 per volume
The Witch’s Tale Stories from ‘Old Nancy’ and her black cat, Satan ... $30.00
The Black Cloud – a futuristic story set in 2021 ... $30.00
The Hidden Truth – a criminologist’s casebook ... $30.00
Tension Your appointment with suspense ... $30.00
Circle of Fear Middle East tensions threaten nuclear war ... $30.00
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