Two new drama titles, more great Classic Cactus and some romantic dramas on special (cue Valentine’s Day!)


Tomorrow Is Mine

Trouble between a mother and daughter, following the death of their
husband/father, means truths must be faced and illusions discarded.
104 x 12 mins

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Before The Court (available 17th February)

A courtroom drama with a difference. Each 12 minute episode represents a different case, with a variety of perspectives taken in each. episode 52 x 12 minutes


Classic Cactus: Buy The Month January 2019

2019 All 23 Classic Cactus tracks that were broadcast during January – some very deserving ‘serves’ in this batch…check them out sooner rather than later! 23 tracks

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February Specials

As a nod to Valentine’s Day our monthly specials have a touch of romance…some of which have bumpy roads to happiness. All just $30.00 for February only
Screenshot 2020-02-03 12.46.22
Romantic Stories – a columnist tells of advice she has provided
Under Her Spell – two sisters and their bitter struggle for true love
The Dangerous Age – a woman of ‘a certain age’ loves a younger man
I Know My Love – Victorian gold rush era love rivals fight for their man
This Side of Innocence – high society, heredity issues and prejudice
View Matrimony – before online dating, newspaper ads led the way

Sound Quality at

We receive a lot of positive feedback and compliments about how ‘clean’ our radio serials sound, with so few ‘clicks & pops’ and other surface noise. That is no coincidence, as we go to an awful lot of trouble to get the best possible sound from our collection. And as anyone who has played an ill-treated old record album knows, those clicks and pops really DO get in the way of your listening pleasure, especially in spoken word features like radio serials. So how do we achieve this?

When Grace Gibson and her contemporaries recorded their serials, they often cut a master disc ‘on the run’ - as the actors were recording it. These acetate ‘master discs’ - originally 16”, but later 10” and eventually 12” albums - were quite expensive (so actors knew they had to get it right on their first take if they wanted to get more jobs!). From these master discs, only a handful of copies were made: very often just 6 discs of any episode, which would be shipped around the country from one radio station to the next, through the post office or on the train. By the time they had done their circuit, the discs often were a bit ‘worse for wear’.

When we took the decision to open up our library of radio serials to the general public for their individual ‘home entertainment’, we knew that we had to offer the best sound we could possibly get, so we invested heavily in the best audio processing gear available produced by a UK company called CEDAR. They are regarded as being the ‘gold standard-bearer’ of audio processing throughout the world. Unlike the bulk of their competitors, ‘CEDAR Cambridge’ can detect the difference between a ‘scratch’ or ‘click’ in a recording compared to similarly pitched sounds such as the striking of a match or the clapping of hands: and once again, that makes a world of difference especially in radio drama.

But before we even get in the studio or near a turntable, we first manually clean the discs themselves to get rid of built up dirt, fingerprints and other debris using professional products like Disc Doctor’s ‘Miracle Record Cleaner’ and the SpinClean Record Washer system. Only then do we get into the studio to transcribe the discs from analogue to digital, once again using the top-end Prism Sound Lyra audio-to-digital converter for the cleanest transfer possible.
The episodes are recorded in and edited one by one, and once the full serial has been completed, we then transfer it across to the aforementioned CEDAR processing gear which removes the vast majority of foreign noise from the recording: whilst still leaving in all of ‘the good stuff’. All this is done in ‘full audio’ but from here we process the finished product into mp3 format for CD and m4a for Downloads over the internet.

Once done, we send both formats out to our quality controller who forensically listens to the serials in their entirety and highlights any glitches or errors for us to address before finalising the job. Artwork has been commissioned during or before all this process, then we print and duplicate the CDs or upload to our dedicated server (for Downloads).
It’s a long and involved process…but we reckon you deserve it. Enjoy!!
Order Options:
Website: and use the Paypal secure payment system or phone us on (02) 9906-2244 with credit card details,
or fax (02) 9906-2114, or send a cheque or money order to:
Grace Gibson Productions, PO Box 7377, Leura NSW 2780.
If sending a cheque or money order please ensure you nominate what you are ordering and include your address details for dispatch.
If you do not wish to receive further updates, please email us at with REMOVE in the title line and include your details, or phone us on (02) 9906-2244 or fax on (02) 9906-2114.
A Few Important Notes… Please Consider Carefully Before Ordering:
mp3 Format CDs - these may not play in some CD players
Audio Quality - Whilst we go to great lengths to ensure the audio quality we offer is the best we possibly can - including processing our
material through the worlds best audio processing from CEDAR Cambridge - the programs offered herein have, in many instances, been
retrieved from original recordings produced on 16 inch, 12 inch and 10 inch record albums and may therefore reflect the recording and
reproduction fidelity of their times. In offering these programs for sale to the general public, we cannot accept responsibility, nor offer refunds,
for any disappointment with the audio quality that some of these serials may exhibit.