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Girl On The Run

As secretary to Julian Kilburn, Kay Kinneal was asked to work back. During
that evening Julian asked her to marry him and she declined. After a struggle
between them, Julian fell to the floor and was unconscious. Kay fled into the
night. The police are sure he was murdered…but was Kay actually the one
who was responsible?
104 x 12 min episodes $45.00
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Cactus: Buy The Month (May 2019)

It was quite a political month – now that things seem to have sorted
themselves out a bit, have a really good giggle with the May Cactus episodes.
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23 episodes for $12.00.
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Starlight Theatre Vol 2

A good radio play is a dramatised story which brings pleasure and enjoyment
to listeners – and Starlight Theatre most definitely fills these requirements.
Starlight Theatre provides a broad range of genres – from mystery and
romance, to comedy and suspense. A great series and there are more episodes
to come.There are 15 self-contained stories on this Volume. $35.00
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Monthly Specials

Address UnknownBuy 4 volumes and get the fourth one free ($105.00 instead of $140.00). All four volumes must be bought in the one purchase..
Tension – crime and mystery/suspense $35.00
First Love – an innocent girl is manipulated by her aunt $35.00
The Clock – human interest stories narrated by ‘Father Time’ $25.00

Fun, Fact, Frivolous or Fiction – this month focussing on The National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA).

1. The National Film and Sound Archive is Australia’s ‘living’ archive – the
custodian of items that are not only collected, but preserved for future generations and shared in many diverse ways.
2. The NFSA was established in 1984, with its roots dating back to the 1930s.
3. The NFSA Collection holds more than 2.8 million works, including films,
television and radio programs, sound recordings, videos, audio tapes, records,
compact discs, phonograph cylinders and wire recordings.
4. The NFSA Collection also encompasses documents and artefacts such as photographs, posters, lobby cards, publicity items, scripts, costumes, props, memorabilia, oral histories, and vintage equipment.
5. The NFSA’s radio collection spans the period from the first quarter of the 20th century to today.
6. The NFSA’s sound collection includes titles created for Australian commercial and community radio stations and networks.
7. Thanks to the generosity of collectors, producers and stations the Broadcast collection includes a wide variety of genres from drama serials, variety and quiz shows, jingles, news and current affairs, talk shows, documentaries, sport and inaugural broadcasts to recordings of significant events and natural disasters.
8. The NFSA’s Oral History program collects personal recollections of careers in film, TV, radio and recorded sound.
9. Established in 2007, the Sounds of Australia is the NFSA’s selection of sound recordings
with cultural, historical and aesthetic significance and relevance, which inform or reflect life in
Australia. In 2012 Grace Gibson Productions was honoured to be inducted into the ‘Sounds of Australia’ registry in recognition of the volume of work produced by our Company over the years: the first corporation to be so honoured by the NFSA.
10. Each year, the Australian public nominates new sounds to be added to the Sounds of Australia with final selections determined by a panel of industry experts. Nominations for this year’s Sounds of Australia close 30 June 2019. You can nominate now via

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