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Spend $100.00 or more and choose a free gift from our ‘Grace Gibson Radio Classics Collection’ – your choice of one free Volume with each retail order (valid until 31st
December 2019).

The Uninvited (Volume 3)

We promised this one in time for Christmas and we have kept that promise! More great tales which hopefully won’t cause too many
sleepless nights in the lead up to Christmas. 15 x 24 minute selfcontained
episodes. $35.00
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The Passing Parade (Volumes 23 & 24)

A perennial favourite, especially for gifts – John Doremus has a wonderful talent, not to mention fabulous voice, for entertaining
us with these great stories of people, places and events throughout history. 50 tracks on each volume. VOLUME 24 AVAILABLE ON THE 5th DECEMBER $35.00
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Starlight Theatre (Volume 3)

The combination of genres in these episodes prove popular with those
who prefer variety in their listening. 15 x 24 minute self-contained episodes.

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Here's Cactus

Cactus: The Best of 2019

The requests have been flowing, and so here it is – 100 tracks from the
How Green Was My Cactus series in 2019.
This year, just $35.00.
Available 5th December, 2019


Classic Cactus: Buy The Month November

It’s not just schoolies who misbehave in November – but we do take a
satirical swipe at them, amongst others, in this release of what ‘aired’ in
Cactus last month. 21 tracks. Download only. $12.00 Read more
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Best of Cactus

And it you’d like to make it a totally Cactus Christmas, then how the Best of Cactus Package - 20 years worth (20 volumes x around 100 episodes – that’s about two thousand episodes of Cactus!). It covers 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003… all the way to 2019. AND – it’s still at just $350.00 for the lot: that’s under 18 cents per track! Now who’s laughing? DOWNLOAD COMING SOON.

For the complete Cactus tragic you could also include Early Cactus Volumes - $20.00 each or buy all 5 Volumes for $80.00. The Early Cactus Volumes cover the Hawke era and include Cactus Pieces, Cactus Slices, The Cactus Chronicle, King Bonza Rides Again and Cactus Goes Bananas.
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Real bargains here – just $30.00 each until the end of December.

Abel Cain Investigates – the dashing London investigator with a hard edge
A Mask For Alexis – classic cold war drama
The House Of Gold – inheritance doesn’t always bring out the best in people
The Nylon Trap – a bit of 70s drama; much angst for the leading man
First Love – young, sheltered and innocent; taken advantage of by her aunt
Borrasca – stylistically, this has a touch of the ‘Mills & Boon’

Coming in 2020…

Yes, What? Rarities – extra episodes which Bob is processing and they’ll be coming in 2020. As soon as they become available we will let you know – watch this space.

Heaps of other good things too – there’ll be new volumes of Cactus, Hunt The Man Down, The Passing Parade, Life With Dexter, Shadow Of Fate, Night Beat, Dick Tracy, Starlight Theatre, and Grace Gibson Radio Classics.

New serial titles will include Before The Court, Tomorrow is Mine and Office Wife. Once we’ve
confirmed other titles, we’ll let you know.

We also hope to have a couple of new comedies to add to the line-up.
So, there’s lots to look forward to in the coming twelve months.

Information on Downloads for ‘first-timers’

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material through the worlds best audio processing from CEDAR Cambridge - the programs offered herein have, in many instances, been
retrieved from original recordings produced on 16 inch, 12 inch and 10 inch record albums and may therefore reflect the recording and
reproduction fidelity of their times. In offering these programs for sale to the general public, we cannot accept responsibility, nor offer refunds,
for any disappointment with the audio quality that some of these serials may exhibit.