New and familiar titles, plus a whole lot of November specials

Tapestries of Life (Coming Soon)

True stories that reveal unfamiliar moments in the lives of the great, rich or famous - from right around the world and from
various eras - such as Madame Curie, ancient Greece, the turmoil of the American Civil War, Cole Porter, Mark Twain, The Times of London, Christopher Columbus, Marconi, Annie Laurie.
100 x 12 minute episodes $45.00

Life With Dexter – Volume 5

Coastal Broadcasters in Innisfail and Mareeba are developing quite a following with their Sunday night broadcasts of this very Australian comedy.
Volume 5 sees Dexter and his cohorts (and family) creating more outrageous scenarios – and living and laughing to tell the tale!
15 x 24 minute self-contained episodes
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Classic Cactus: Buy The Month October

2019 Classic Cactus, classic characters, classic humour – more people are discovering and re-discovering their favourites with this version of How Green Was My Cactus. BTW - The episodes for
each month are listed on the product page of the website. Download only. 23 episodes this month. Still just $12.00
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November Specials – for those wanting to ‘get in early’ for Christmas, we have quite a range of offerings…

Specials Nov
The Passing Parade – each volume just $25.00
Night Beat – each volume just $25.00
Hunt The Man Down – each volume just $25.00
Address Unknown – each volume just $25.00
For The Defence – each volume just $25.00
Exciting Lives – each volume just $25.00
Stay tuned for our December Newsletter – we’ll have quite a few new products, along with some Christmas specials that’ll broaden your options.
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