Two great new dramas, more fresh Cactus, November specials and the audio story from Sound Kitchen

New releases

The Man In The Mist

A suspense drama dealing with the men of the Eliot family and the women
who become involved in their lives. A great cast including Owen Weingott,
Lyndall Barbour, Neva Carr Glyn and Vivienne Lincoln.
104 x 12 minutes - $45.00
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Cactus – October 2018

All of the How Green Was My Cactus episodes broadcast during October
are now available for download – 23 great episodes for just $12.00. These
downloads have definitely established a fan base. NB: Download only.
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Hunt The Man Down Vol 5

A new edition to this popular espionage/investigation series, wherein
Private Investigator Dick Mallory wages a relentless war against those who
live in the shadows of life. The series was written by Ross Napier and with
Frank Waters (star of Cattleman) as Dick Mallory. 15 x 24 mins - $35.00
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Monthly Specials for November

Screenshot 2018-11-01 18.11.42
Strip Jack Naked – corruption in the UK horse racing industry $25.00
Thunder In The Straight – an inheritance saga with an Aussie twist $40.00
Strange Homecoming – family rivalry and identity confusion $40.00
Shadow of Fate – ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances $25.00

Fun, Fact, Frivolous or Fiction…this month focusing on audio production with insights offered by Sound Kitchen

1. Bill Dowling and Karly Joyce are the Sound Kitchen studio team specialising
in voice-overs for TV, Radio, Podcasts, Audio books, documentaries and more.
2. A 30 second ad can take hours to complete - from recording, to editing & mixing then delivering, it can take 10 minutes, or even days!
3. Bill will never forget a session from the 80’s: it took 5 hours for a voice artist
to record 4 words. The client had the artist laying down, crouching, squatting -
to get the desired sound. Budgets have changed a lot since then!
4. Our studio has a corner dedicated to long reads. When a voice artist needs to read for more than an hour at a time, they can sit facing away from the engineer behind the glass and not be distracted.
5. If we need a sound effect that we don’t have on file, we create the sound we need by recording it. e.g. a phone alert, crowd noises, etc
6. In a recent radio session, the voice artist had to sit and pretend she was driving to enhance the feel of the script - which had a person being pulled over by police, with the ‘police’ approaching her off microphone. Another voice had to block one nostril to give a ‘nerd’ tone.
7. Before digital times, we recorded audio onto tape. It required precise documentation to know exactly where every take was located - no cut and paste! After editing and de-breathing a track, you’d end up with slithers of tape stuck all around the studio in case you needed to put them back in.
8. While lots of people have home studios now, you can’t beat a professional studio for quality. We recently linked up with a home studio which proved to be problem as we could hear a toilet flushing! The voice at the other end said ‘can’t you just edit it out’??
9. Not everyone can be a voice artist - it’s a skilled art and is very different to acting. Reading out loud without sounding like you’re reading isn’t easy. We often have professional talent in the studio for 2 minutes; one take!
10. We’ve been recording How Green Was My Cactus since the early 90’s. It’s now Australia’s longest running radio series; written by Doug Edwards and starring Keith Scott and Robyn Moore.

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