New releases

Portrait of Jennifer

The heart-warming and moving story of a girl who is suddenly transported from a monotonous existence to the glamorous and heady atmosphere of high fashion. However, whilst Jennifer’s career flies high,
the road to love has turns…
104 x 12 mins - $45.00

The Passing Parade – Volumes 21 & 22

Two new volumes of this evergreen series. Narrated by John Doremus
these segments cover a variety of topics from history, anthropology,
science, technology and inventions, and plain old gossip! Always hugely
entertaining and thought-provoking.
50 segments per volume - $35.00 each

Cactus: Buy The Month (February)

Parliament is back (well, part-time at least), elections are looming and the high flyers keep tripping over themselves (and others). All 20 episodes broadcast during February. Download only - just $12.00

Monthly Specials – This month we see discounts in ‘Danger’ - discover them if you dare…

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 12.34.22 pm
Dangerous Assignment $25.00 per volume
Danger Is My Business $25.00 per volume
Danger In Paradise $30.00
The Dangerous Age $30.00

Fun, Fact, Frivolous or Fiction… for fans of Robyn Moore, here are some things you may not know about her…

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 12.25.35 pm
1. Robyn was born in Hobart Tasmania, however as her Dad was a Stockman, Shearer and Shearers’ Chef, she grew up on isolated Sheep and Cattle Stations in Qld’s Gulf Country.
2. At 17 Robyn sang in her first band (called 1812) which came second in the National Finals of Hoadleys “Battle of the Sounds” (Vocal Section). Popular in Vietnam R&R days.
3. Robyn moved to Sydney in 1976 and sang for 10 years at the famous ‘Bourbon and Beefsteak Bar’ in Kings Cross.
4. Robyn loves creating all the female voices in Australia’s longest running radio show How Green Was My Cactus. She’s worked and laughed with Keith Scott for the past 33
5. The ‘Father of Australian Animation’ Yoram Gross bought the rights to Blinky Bill and asked Robyn to create his voice. Robyn has made Blinky phone calls to Make-A-Wish children and children-at-risk for 26 years. Blinky’s healing power is miraculous.
6. Robyn was a Gypsy in Kingswood Country, a presenter on Morning TV with Bert Newton
and she appeared in the movie Race the Sun with Halle Berry and James Belushi.
7. Robyn sang the iconic ‘Spray ‘n Wipe’ Jingle… (no it’s not Paula Duncan’s voice) and she did every demo for Julie Anthony when she was the face of St George Bank.
8. Robyn’s a Wish-Granting Volunteer and National Patron for Make-A-Wish Australia – and
has been making wishes come true for 26 years (International Volunteer of the Year).
9. For 25 years Robyn has been one of Australia’s most in-demand motivational speakers.
10. Robyn’s younger son Daniel is an award-winning architect & voiceover Artist in Melbourne and older son Toby Leonard Moore is a successful voiceover Artist and Actor in NYC.

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