The Castlereagh Line Book Series


The Castlereagh Line radio series transposed into book form.

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As you may be aware, due to its incredible success as a radio serial, Ross Napier created a book version of The Castlereagh Line in what became a 6 volume set of paperbacks.

For some reason, Volume 4 – The Castlereagh Heritage – went out of print well over a decade ago, and became very much “a collector’s item” attracting quite outrageous prices on the secondary market (E-bay and the like).

Just recently, the Ross Napier Estate transferred its existing book stock of The Castlereagh Line series to the shelves of our store, and gave us permission to do a very limited re-print of the much desired Volume 4 (The Castlereagh Heritage).

Whilst coming fresh out of the carton, the ‘existing stock’ may show some signs of paper age (some yellowing of the paper most notably on the edges, but are otherwise in new condition)

The titles of the existing stocks are:

The Castlereagh Line
The Castlereagh Way
The Colours of Castlereagh
The Castlereagh Rose
The Castlereagh Cross

Plus, there’s the limited reprint of ‘the missing one’ – Book 4 – The Castlereagh Heritage.


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