Free Postage, Lots of New Shows and heaps of Christmas and Holiday discounts


Some great new shows have arrived in time for Christmas - let’s start with a whole heap of fun…

How Green Was My Cactus - The Best of 2017

Cactus_Best_Of_2017_cover_final copy

Another incredible year on Cactus Island and the Cactus crew has had way
too much fun. When the cast arrives at the studio to record and have their
first read through of the Cactus scripts they usually fall about laughing
– but gallantly pull themselves together (Keith Scott & Robyn Moore are
such professionals!) in order to create these mini masterpieces thanks to
Doug Edwards (writer/producer). Available 2nd week of December as a
download or on CD – 100 tracks. $46.95

The Passing Parade Volumes 17 & 18

And a perennial favourite… The Passing Parade - Volumes 17 & 18 $36.95 each We’re now almost three quarters of the way through releasing this ever popular
series. Available mid December as a download or on CD. 50 tracks on each volume.

Keith Scott: ‘The Voices In My Head Won’t Stop’

Keith Scott: ‘The Voices In My Head Won’t Stop’
A unique blend of comedy, satire and nostalgia from the vocal maestro
covering everything from cartoons to news makers, movie actors to singing
stars. Keith is a truly amazing talent! The perfect gift to supplement
Cactus: The Best of 2017. $24.95

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Grace Gibson Radio Classics (Crime & Mystery) Vol 3

Great for people who want a taste of their favourite shows, without having to
buy the whole series. Also a great stocking filler, especially as ALL the Grace
Gibson Radio Classics releases have been discounted to just $19.95 each
Screenshot 2017-12-01 14.06.56

December discounts to make your Christmas dollars go a little further…

Screenshot 2017-12-01 13.36.05
Dinner At Antoine’s – mysterious death in New Orleans $30.00
Exciting Lives – Vol 3 – famous and not so famous lives $25.00
For Infamous Conduct – tragic child/selfish mother $40.00
Manhunt – a salesman gets caught out $35.00
Time Is The Catcher – murder mystery in Sydney $30.00
We, The Wicked People – each episode a new story $30.00
Screenshot 2017-12-01 13.44.56
Plus, a bundle of religion for the festive season: Buy The Big Fisherman, The Robe and the old testament-based Judith (normally $49.95 each) for just $99.00
And don’t forget our ‘package’ buys on Cactus (and Early Cactus), Major Gregory Keen, Portia Manning, Chickenman and that new one, Under Arrest.

Letters To Santa

Letters To Santa
Need a last minute stocking filler – Letters To Santa is just waiting for you.
Quirky, light and very entertaining. Available as a download or on CD. Just $9.95

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REMEMBER, Free Standard Postage on all orders until Christmas - for delivery within Australia only.

STOP PRESS: We‘ve just had an unexpected arrival:

Walk A Crooked Mile

Walk A Crooked Mile
Lindsay Hardy fans will be delighted to hear that we managed to get Walk A
Crooked Mile into the shop in time for Christmas. This story is a classic mystery
and covers the theft of gold bullion in the UK and the plan to transport it to
Tangiers courtesy of our somewhat naive hero’s yacht. Of course, there is the
odd complication courtesy of love, the law and low-life criminal gangs. Enjoy! $45.00

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