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D O W N L O A D S are finally here….

It’s been a l-o-o-o-n-g wait, but finally, you can start downloading shows directly from our website to your computer, including this month’s specials. We’ll be constantly adding new titles to the Downloads catalogue – please check back regularly to see what’s new. Please note these are often very large files and it may take a while to fully download the zipped file/s to your computer, subject to your internet connection speeds.

New Stuff

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Yes, What? – Volume 14
Watch out for Volume 14 later this month (yay!)
Squad Room – available late November
Each episode is a self-contained story – each being a mystery from
the police files. Can you solve the crime before the detective does?
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Shop early for Christmas with these great bargains during November…

Strip Jack Naked

Strip Jack Naked (aka Deadly Obsession)
A plane crash and the death of his fiancé changed the life of Jack Rickard. He becomes a steeple chase jockey, only to find misfortune follows him until his licence is taken away and he becomes a man without friends and livelihood.

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The Bishop's Mantle

The Bishop's Mantle
His grandfather was a much-loved Bishop and Hilary faces many challenges and conflicts in his new role, as well as adapting to being a married man, and dealing with the various ‘personalities’ …

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Stranger in Paradise

Stranger in Paradise
A man looks forward to a day on the beach with his girlfriend and finds a vastly different sort of body getting in his way.

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Too Young To Die

Too Young To Die
A foggy night in London, the lonely finger of an ancient pier groping into the murky reaches of the Thames, and a beautiful girl – the nocturnal prey of an unseen assailant who lurks in the haunting darkness of the pea-soup fog.

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The Shame of Sefton Ridge

The Shame of Sefton Ridge
A saga of blind prejudice and misplaced price...of a man and the women who loved him.

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I,Christopher Macaulay

I, Christopher Macaulay

A tale of one man’s love, betrayal, revenge, and greed.

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Strip Jack Naked – a horsey murder mystery $25.00
The Bishop’s Mantle – pre-war romance in a vicarage $30.00
Stranger In Paradise – murder mystery in Hollywood $35.00
Too Young To Die – heartbreak, rescue and infatuation $35.00
The Shame of Sefton Ridge – small town shadows grow long $35.00
I, Christopher Macaulay – from Sandhurst to Australian bush $40.00

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