October offers variety - The Passing Parade, Unknown Quantity, Fresh Cactus, and Coral Lansbury

New releases

The Passing Parade – Volumes 19 & 20

With these two Volumes we now reach one thousand episodes in The Passing
Parade series – and there will be more to follow in due course! Each Volume
contains 50 tracks, with track titles available on the website.
$35.00 per volume
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Unknown Quantity

A short, sharp crime drama. Just 28 episodes to the story, with heaps of action
packed into each 24 minute episode.
A great gift idea at this special price - $25.00.
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Cactus: Buy The Month (for September)

All the highly entertaining episodes of How Green Was My Cactus broadcast
during September are now available to download. 21 episodes for just $12.00.
And there are definitely some real gems in this lot. NB: download only.
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October Specials – as we’re featuring Coral Lansbury in Fun, Fact, Frivolous or Fiction, our specials all include contributions from Coral…

Screenshot 2018-10-04 18.28.57
Becket – the rollicking tale of King Henry II and Thomas Becket $35.00
The Strange Life of Deacon Brodie – the real-life Jekyll & Hyde $30.00
Reach For Tomorrow – sibling rivalry $35.00
Judith – a woman of vengeance (in Biblical times) $35.00

Fun, Fact, Frivolous or Fiction… this month focusing on

Coral Lansbury

1. Coral Magnolia Lansbury was born on
14th October, 1929 in St Kilda, Melbourne.
2. Her father was Oscar Lansbury – a very
well-known radio producer and actor.
3. Coral graduated from North Sydney Girls
High School and entered the University
of Sydney at 15, from which she earned a
Bachelor of Arts.
4. Coral married 3 times – firstly to the
iconic radio actor and producer George
Edwards. They married on 20 February
1953, and he died later that year.
5. It was during her second marriage (to
Bruce Turnbull) that Coral gave birth to
Malcolm, our previous Prime Minister.
6. During her early working life, Coral both
acted in and scripted plays for radio.
Screenshot 2018-10-04 18.33.21
7. Coral’s acting skills can be heard in Becket
(which she also scripted) as well as The Strange Life of Deacon Brodie (in which she plays Bella). In Escape Me Never she stars as Fenella, alongside Hollywood actor Michael Pate.
8. Coral’s writing for radio included a stint of scripting Portia Faces Life, along with complete
series such as The Big Fisherman, Reach For Tomorrow and Judith.
9. Coral married a New Zealand academic, John Salmon, and subsequently became an
academic herself. Her major interest was Victorian Literature and she wrote four books on
Victorian literary figures, in addition to five novels.
10. Prior to her death, Coral was the Professor of English at Rutgers University in the US.

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