The Legend Of Kathie Warren

The Legend Of Kathie Warren
We’ve had a few people asking for this one – now it’s arrived. Set largely
in rural Victoria, this story follows the events that lead to the tragic death
of a young English woman who marries a farmer. A romantic drama
containing over 200 x 12 minute episodes (that’s around 40 hours of
listening). $64.95
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Danger in Paradise

Danger in Paradise
Set in glitzy New York, in the world of advertising, radio and
entertainment – however in this story there’s also murder and an FBI
agent. It’s got it all – crime and mystery, love and friendship - crammed
into 52 x 12 minute dramatic episodes. $42.95
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Coming Soon

More Yes, What? (aka ‘Greenbottle,
or Fourth Form at St Percy’s)
Good news for Yes, What? fans -
we’re working frantically on Volume
14 and hope to have it available late
September/early October.
And here’s a peek at what else is heading to our shop…
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It’s spring – love, adventure and a touch of crispness in the air with these discounted shows
(and remember if you buy them all, you automatically qualify for free postage within Australia)

Goodbye Gwynnevere (mystery/espionage) $25.00 (normally $36.95)

Borrasca (adventure/romance) $35.00 (normally $49.95)

This Time Forever (Australiana/romance) $50.00 (normally $64.95)
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