If, in addition to appreciating Easter, you’re into all things equine – then this month’s new release should pique your interest.

Thunder In The Straight is a drama focused around who inherits an
English racing stud, and in particular the champion racehorse, ‘Golden Quest’.
The twist to the tale comes from an unexpected Australian connection. With
over 200 episodes to the series, complications and intrigue abound. You can hear a sample of the audio by clicking on the ‘listen’ tab on our website
Introductory Price is just $55.00

For those who prefer a more traditional approach to Easter, our Religious Bundle offer still stands: Buy The Robe, The Big Fisherman and the old testament-based Judith (usually $49.95 each) for just $99.00 total. All of these Biblical titles were adapted for radio by Coral Lansbury.
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We’re still offering free standard post (within Australia) on orders over $24.00 (excluding books). Express Post is available at an additional charge of $10.50.
If you’re like some people around here, it’s been a long time since the last holiday break, so you too could be ready for a good chuckle to lighten things up…these are our current favourite ‘listens’:
Keith Scott ‘The Voices In My Head Won’t Stop’
(his head may not be to everyone’s taste but his comedic ability and voice talent still astound us)
Cactus - The Best of 2017
(the only thing that hasn’t changed is the opportunity for a good laugh!)
Cactus - The Early Years
(a chance to re-visit King Bonza, Queen Hayseed and Pall Bearer, amongst others)

Our Mad March specials (without the Hare) are listed here…

Night Beat (Vol 6)
that well-known reporter Randy Stone $25.00
The Passing Parade (Vol 18)
general interest with John Doremus
Escape Me Never
a romance that traverses Europe & England $30.00
The Red Gardenia
a scientific anomaly indicates espionage $40.00
We’ve started a new series titled: Fun, Fact, Frivolous or Fanciful wherein we’ll provide
background info on someone, or something.

To start, here are 10 Facts about… The Passing Parade
1. This series of The Passing Parade was begun by John Doremus in the 1960s and had its genesis in an earlier feature by John Nesbitt.
2. The entire series of The Passing Parade was narrated by John Doremus.
3. The Passing Parade initially contained 130 episodes, written and recorded in the USA.
4. The Passing Parade wasn’t a hit with US audiences but was immediately very popular in Australia.
5. John Doremus sold all rights to the series to Grace Gibson Productions, and the series continued.
6. The Passing Parade (from episode 131) was written by Ross Napier with scripts sent by telex to John Doremus for recording.
7. The Passing Parade series contains over 1300 episodes.
8. John Doremus had a racehorse named after him by a listener in New Zealand – and the horse went on to win the Melbourne Cup.
9. The Passing Parade has never been off air in Australia - it has been broadcast on a radio station somewhere in Australia ever since it arrived here.
10. The Passing Parade remains one of Grace Gibson Productions’ most popular features.
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