New Stuff, Fathers Day Offers and 10 Fascinating Facts

Firstly, an update on Downloads – all our shows are now available as ‘downloadable’ options. It’s important to note that these are large files and should be downloaded to a computer before loading into your phone, tablet, etc. As a guide, the size of the file is listed on each product page. Having said all that, there are apps (some free) which make it easy to download directly to your mobile device.
Cattleman has just received a ‘you beaut’ makeover…new technology and a fresh
recording from old masters has allowed us to improve the audio quality of the series.
Always a favourite for Father’s Day. It’s now also at a new low price of $55.00.

And now for the New Stuff…

Cactus: Buy The Month

All How Green Was My Cactus episodes broadcast during July are now available
for download - $12.00 for 22 episodes. Get ‘em while they’re fresh!
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Keith Scott Sings 21st Century Blues

Master impressionist Keith Scott sings semi-topical/already dated songs in
the key of despair. Comes with its own illustrated book of lyrics. Available as a
download, or in a great looking cardboard CD case, and just $25.00.
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The Amazing Mr Malone

If you’re into quirky crime dramas, this one is for you. Originally recorded in 1952,
this series stars John Saul (as The Amazing Mr Malone) and Harp McGuire (as Lieutenant Brooks) along with some producer contributions from Bud Tingwell.
52 x 24 mins on 2 CDs - $45.00
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Our Monthly Specials are Fathers Day Favourites

Screenshot 2018-08-01 23.12.31
Night Beat (Vol 2) – that well-known reporter Randy Stone $25.00
The Passing Parade (Volume 6) – narrated by John Doremus $25.00
Cactus: The Best of 2017 – the best 100 tracks of 2017 $35.00
I, Christopher Macaulay – a story of betrayal, revenge, love and hate $40.00

Fun, Fact, Frivolous or Fiction… this month focusing on

Soapies, Serials & Advertisers

1. Radio serials became known as ‘soapies’ because (in the US in particular) soap companies such as Lux sponsored the early shows.
2. Soap companies came on board as sponsors from the beginning because they recognised the wide reach, and impact, radio was going to provide to their market. Housewives, trapped at home, were a captive audience of daytime soapies.
3. Radio stations reciprocated the enthusiasm because they had a revenue stream that wasn’t just the usual ad.
4. By sponsoring a top rating show sponsors became ‘part of the show’.
5. Radio stations could charge a premium to companies whose sponsorship was attached to a favourite, high-rating, show.
6. For listeners radio serials became appointment listening – they still are! Listeners often
organise their schedule around when their favourite show is being broadcast.
7. In some cases companies who sponsor particular shows gain credibility by being attached
to that show, such as a used car yard sponsoring a well-known media doctor’s show (to ride on that doctor’s credibility).
8. The credibility factor works – one male listener told us (not very long ago), that the ‘kitchen
place’ (won’t mention their name) must be a good solid company because they’d been ‘bringing’ us the radio serial for years.
9. Often, listeners remember the sponsor’s ad or jingle for many years, and we sometimes hear from people who can recite the various sponsors of a show over the years!
10. Without sponsors many of the serials, that are now perennial favourites, would not have
been produced.

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