A new financial year, a new catalogue with many reduced prices, a new package to assist the budget, plus some background info on the record-breaking Australian comedy series How Green Was My Cactus… oh, and a bit of drama to round things out! Phew - so much!
We’ve just released our new catalogue - it includes new shows, upcoming releases and quite a few reduced prices - definitely worth a look. Our new releases this month are additional volumes to existing series - can’t get too much of a good thing!

Our new releases this month

Crime Fighters Vol 3

Each episode salutes a different area of investigation and solving crimes – police
officers, federal agents, laboratory technicians, to those who study human nature.
(15 x 24 mins: around 6 hours).
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Hunt The Man Down Vol 4

A mystery-adventure series featuring private investigator Dick Mallory.
(15 x 24 minutes: around 6 hours).
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We also have a new budget friendly package buy… The Catherine Gaskin Collection – buy all three radio adaptations of the Catherine Gaskin novels for just
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Monthly specials - it’s not all tax time stories; Francophiles may wish to commemorate Bastille Day with a tale or two set in France.

T-Men – tax investigators get serious $35.00
Desiree – the woman Napoleon always trusted $35.00
All This & Heaven Too - a trapped and abused governess $35.00
Lust For Life – the dramatic life story of Van Gogh $35.00

Fun, Fact, Frivolous or Fiction – focusing on How Green Was My Cactus

1. How Green Was My Cactus is the longest running radio series (32 yrs so far) in the history of Australian radio, overtaking the legendary Blue Hills (27 yrs). The aim is to beat the English radio show ‘The Archers’ (68 yrs so far), so some of the Cactus crew will be contributing posthumously.
2. Setting the show on Cactus Island was inspired by Treasurer Paul Keating who in 1986 declared that Australia was in danger of becoming a Banana Republic. The name ‘How Green Was My Cactus’ was taken from the book/movie ‘How Green Was My Valley’ about a Welsh mining community that had seen better days.
3. Impressionist Keith Scott provides all the male character voices for Cactus. Keith has also
worked in the US providing voices for Warner Brothers, Disney and Jay Ward Studios. He has also written books about the history of Jay Ward Productions. One body, a thousand voices.
4. The female characters in Cactus are voiced by Robyn Moore who has had a chequered past. Robyn has been National Patron of Make a Wish Foundation for 25 years and children will know her as the voice of their beloved koala Blinky Bill. R&R sailors will remember Robyn as the sultry
singer at the infamous Bourbon and Beefsteak Night Club at Kings Cross.
5. The music for the Cactus theme was written in 1986 by Tony King who went on to become
‘Australian Songwriter of the Year – 2009’. But not for the Cactus theme.
6. The show’s creator Doug Edwards has written, co-written or edited every episode of Cactus (6,800 so far), except for 5 episodes in 1993 when he was unconscious in hospital.
7. Cactus has been performed as a live show in theatres, and in the famous Spiegeltent where several audience chairs collapsed and provided unintended sight gags.
8. The cast was invited to perform a Cactus show at the Lodge in Canberra to celebrate the 60th birthday of Bob & Hazel Hawke. They couldn’t do it because of other commitments but they still brag about it.
9. Hazel Hawke said the impressions of her were ‘uncomfortably close’.
10. Ex-PM John Howard said of Cactus, ‘Some of it’s very funny’.

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